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Welcome to the fascinating world of meteorites! Whether you are a private collector, a researcher or an educator we hope to have something of interest for you in our web pages. In addition to offering hundreds of quality meteorite specimens we are very pleased to announce the addition of some new instructional areas on our site. The "All About Meteorites" page is a rapidly growing section that briefly describes the various types of meteorites and then goes into a glossary of meteoritics terminology that has lots of great pictures to help visualize some of the concepts being described. We have also added a page for those folks that think they may have discovered a new meteorite. Just click the "Think you've found a meteorite" page and that will take you to a check list of things to look for as well as have a few pictures to help explain things. Another fun new page is our "Cool links" which will whisk you to many links in various fields... such as meteoritics (of course), petrology, astronomy, space education links and then a category of "fun links" that may, or may not have anything to do with meteorites and space but they will definitely tickle the brain!!

As always you can click on any of the finds/falls listed to the left in the side bar to go directly to that locale's picture page OR you can click the "Meteorites for Sale" button above and go to the text version of the available specimens. To get to the images in the text version just click on the locale name and that takes you directly to that particular picture page.

If you are new to collecting we would be happy to put together a starter set tailored to your interests. Or if you are an advanced collector looking for a particular specimen or set of specimens please do not hesitate to contact us. Planet Brey is here to help make collecting or studying these gems from space a simple and pleasurable experience.

Scott Brey
PlanetBrey Meteorites
P.O.Box 444
Maple Valley, Washington 98038

fax # 1-425-432-2113

At Planetbrey we take great pride in providing quality specimens
at reasonable prices for education, research and the private collector.

All specimens are guaranteed to be authentic as listed and described.

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