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This page is still not anywhere near complete but we do have about 27 different micro-mount varieties ready to go so I am going to get off to a partial start.  You see below a list of finds/falls and the ones that are currently available have prices and other info listed.  We will be adding more in the days and weeks to come.  Micro-Mounts are a great way for beginning collectors to get into the hobby without having to spend a lot of money or time in the auction sites.  Micro-mounts are also popular with those folks that are interested in acquiring as many "locales" as possible and as such are very often looking for smaller specimens.  Even if we don't have micro-mounts for all our locales yet please don't hesitate to ask about something in particular that your searching for.


All micro-mounts come with a nice identification/information card and are shipped in a 1" x 1" display box.

Name Class ~Sizes Description Price/ea.
Allende CV3
Barratta L3
Bechar L5
Begaa LL3 .45 to.6 grams Part slices 30.00
Begaa LL3 <.36g Part slice pieces 20.00
Bilanga ADIO
Brahin PAL
Brenham PAL
Clifford L6
Dar al Gani 489 SNC
Dimmitt H3/4 1 to 3 grams Cut specimens. from Monnig collection 9.00
Dimmitt H3/4 < 1 gram Cut specimens. From Monnig Collection 7.00
el Hammami H5/6
Ensisheim LL6
Esquel PAL
Gao-Guenie H5
Ghubara L5 3 grams or less Part slices 6.00
Gibeon IVA
Gold Basin L4 Up to 3 grams Cut specimens 9.00
Gold Basin (Shocked) L4 1.5 to 2.5 grams ~ 5% of G.B is this high shock variety 10.00
Henbury IIIA 2.5 to 5 grams Individuals 9.00
Henbury IIIA Up to 2.5 grams Individuals 5.00
Huckitta PAL 
Kapoeta AHOW
Kem Kem H5 1.5 grams or less Cut specimens 5.00
Kem Kem H5 Up to 3.5 grams Cut specimens 9.00
L'Aigle L6 2 to 4 mm Fragments 15.00
Long Island L6
Lowicz MES 3 to 5 mm Fragments 10.00
Miles IIE 
Murchison CM2 2 to 5 mm Fragments 5.00
North West Africa 060 CK5
Parnallee LL3
Powellsville H5
Sahara 97040 L4
Sahara 97099/100 LL6
Sahara 97103 EH3 Less than .1 gram Part slice fragments 10.00
Sahara 97103 EH3 .1 to .2 grams Part slice fragments 15.00
Sahara 97105 EH3
Sahara 97159 EH3
Sahara 97193 L3 .2 grams or less Part slice fragments 10.00
Sahara 97193 L3 .2 to .5 grams Part slice specimens 20.00
Sahara 98044 CV3
Sahara 98052 L6
Sahara 98316 LL/(L)3 
Sahara 98362 ?
Sahara 98448 MES
Sahara 98505 AURE
Sahara 99023 H5
Sahara 99024 L6
Sahara 99159 LL3
Sikhote Alin IIB
Tagounite 018 L4
Tagounite 077 H3.8
Tagounite 094 H3.7
Vaca Muerta MES Avg. 1.38 grams Windowed stony-iron fragments 5.00
Vaca Muerta (eucrite) MES Avg.  .7 grams Windowed eucrite fragments 5.00
Wagon Mound L6 Up to 1.5 grams Part slice specimens 5.00
Wagon Mound L6 1.5 to 2.5 grams Part slice specimens 7.50
Wolf Creek IIIB Up to 1 gram Fragments 5.00
Wolf Creek IIIB 1 to 2 grams Fragments 7.50
Zag H3-6  2 grams or less Fragments 10.00
Zagami SNC


Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding sizes, or anything else, at meteorites@planetbrey.com.

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