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Cool Links

Meteorite related links:
Chondrules and Their Origins: An online version of this text edited by Elbert King
Institute of Meteoritics Meteorite Catalogue Institute of Meteoritics, U. of New Mexico
Int’l Meteorite Collectors Association

Melting of Chondrules in Solar Nebular Shocks: Lots of interesting info on chondrules.
Meteoritical Society
Meteoritical Bulletin home page
Meteorite Times on-line magazine Online magazine devoted to meteoritics, released monthly.
Meteorite Exchange
Meteorite Central
Meteorite Magazine
Meteorite problem database
Meteorite Studies: A great web site dealing with the classifications of meteorites by David Weir.
Meteorites and Their Properties (David Kring)
Meteors, Meteorites and Impacts
Meteorite Naming Form
Monnig meteorite data base

The American Meteor Society Information on meteor showers, fireballs and other meteoritic happenings.

Mineralogy and Petrology links:
Identification of Minerals in Thin Section:
Index of Minerals in Thin Section:
Links for Mineralogists: Mainly terrestrial petrology links.

Making Petrologic Thin Sections. Step by step directions to making thin sections. (Link is at the bottom of the page.)
Mineralogical Society of America: Info and links for the Society.
Petrology Home page Union College Geology Dept.
Virtual Microscopy Tour in Polarized Light: An interesting demonstration in the use ofa microscope under polarized light.
Web Resources in Petrology and Geochemistry Lots of mineralogical and geochemical links

Space/Astronomy related Links:
Astronomer.com. Astronomy and space related. Plus international news links. Great site!
Astronomy Picture of the Day. Daily images of space and links for info on each image... great site! NASA
Battle Point Astronomical Association

Discovery Channel- Space page. Many space related links plus television program guides.
Goldendale Observatory State Park: Public oservatory in Washington State. Lots of astronomy links too.
Leicestor University's Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy: Like the name says... a guide to space.
Messier Objects: Excellent images and tons of information (w/some links) on galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.
Milky Way Galaxy: Tons of information on our galaxy.
Milky Way Galaxy (U of Oregon): Loads of data on our galaxy.
NASA ADS Digital Library: Online versions of numerous space related texts.
NASA Photo Gallery. Lots of excellent images.

NORAD - Space related links: International government and military links on space related items.
Planetary Information Site: Loads if information on the planets, moons, asteroids and solar system.
Solar System Exploration: Another site driven by NASA with lots of info and images.
Stargazer.com Astronomy links and information.
Starry Skies. Info on the solar system, space and constellations....etc
The Web Nebulae: Awesome images of nebulae and other "heavenly objects".
Universe Today Space and related news on the internet.
Views of the Solar System: An awesome tour of our solar system. Lots of info and images.

Links for kids!:
Astronomy Picture of the Day. Daily images of space and links for info on each image... great site! NASA
BPAA kids page
Site run by the Battle Point Astronomical Association.
Liftoff to Space Exploration: A site for kids over 13 years old.
Leicestor University's Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy: An in depth guide to space.
Mineralogy 4 Kids: Great site on minerals.
NASA Kids: Links for the younger kids (13 or under).
Solar System Exploration: Another site driven by NASA with lots of info and images.
Starchild: A very nice NASA site for kids to explore our solar system.

Educational links:

Amateur Science: Lots of links!!
Enchanted Learning Software Home Page: Lots of great science related materials for kids!
K-12 Science Education Resources:
Meteorites and Their Properties (David Kring)
NASA C.O.R.E. Resources for educators provided by NASA. Course guides, teaching media......
NASA Spacelink
NASA - Teachers Corner: NASA generated educational site with teaching materials.
Science Hobbyist Amature Science
Teachers Corner: Nasa links for educators.

Other fun links:

Alien Observer Lots of space news and a very extensive links page. Lots of UFO material too.
Ask Jeeves. Do you have a question.. or are you looking for something in particular?? Just ask!!!
Mother Earth News. Nothing to do with space... But fun for the mind.
Rocks and Minerals: Boat loads of links to sights selling all things rock, mineral and fossil...




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