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Check out the new Vaca Muerta specimens that were just added to the site

Have just added some beautiful little Sikhote-Alin iron individuals in the 5 to 20 gram size range. Also just put up about 15 awesome etched specimens of the Gibeon iron.... Most of these are only a millimeter thick giving a huge amount of surface area for the weight.

Finally got some images of our nice translucent green moldavite individuals and a page devoted to them all set up so take a peak at the most beautiful of tektites! We also have a few faceted stones left but not pictured yet... great prices!

3 larger specimens of the exceptionally chondrule rich Begaa LL3.  You just cannot find a more chondrule filled specimen anywhere... check it out and see!!  These are the last 3 specimens available that are over 10 grams.

Added, a bunch of small, etched Taza specimens in the <5 gram size range after numerous requests.... sorry for the wait!!!

<<<<Most recent NEW acquisition>>>>
Beautiful Vaca Muerta mesosiderite material.. we have some pieces cut and polished and just got some pictured and up on our Vaca page.  Sizes (at the moment) range from a few grams to about 20 grams and they have lots of nice bright metal...  :)

Also have a few nice faceted moldavites as well as some awesome translucent "individual" specimens.... a most spectacular hue of green!  These also have not yet made it onto our web pages but don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

More awesome etched specimens of the Taza ungrouped plessitic octahedrite..... get em' while they're hot!!!

8 new specimens of the Rare (and next to impossible to get) Lowiczmesosiderite from Poland

7 newly prepared specimens of the metal rich H5 Sahara 99023

 5 cut and polished 1/2 individuals of the famous PultuskH5

Some excellent slices and endcuts of a beautiful brecciated meteorite, Sahara 99351

A rare R3.9 "Rumuruti" type chondrite (NWA  753) and a beautiful new CV3 (NWA 760).  We have complete slices, partslices and endcuts available and not to mention we also have some micro-mounts of the R3.9 material.  Both are exceptional new finds!!!!!

Also, we have newly cut, complete slices of some awesome brecciated Saharas but have not had time to get a page up for the slices as they seem to sell out too fast.  If interested just email us and we'll let you know what we've got.  We also have nice numbered individuals as well!!
We are happy to say that we have specimens available of 6 carbonaceous types... CO, CV, CM, CI, CR, and CK
And don't forget that we have some of the excellent, crusted individuals, of the Pultusk (H5) which are commonly called "Peas".  This is a well documented meteorite shower from January 30th, 1868 that occurred between the towns of Pultusk and Rozan Poland.  Most of these prized little individuals are already in private or museum collections and have been for well over a century.  The only way they come available is thru trades as no new material comes to market.  And if they did they would be badly weathered as opposed the the fresh looking black crust of these fine little specimens.

These treasures from space bring a wealth of information and personal enjoyment to scientists and collectors.  Many of the minerals in meteorites are believed to have formation ages of more than 4.5 BILLION years ago!  Some of these have remained almost completely unaltered since they formed from the gases of the early solar nebula.  Since all of the original "solar debris" that formed our planet has long since been altered by the very geologically active planet upon which we live, meteorites give us the only hands on opportunity to look back to the time and conditions under which they formed, and thus began the processes of planet building in our solar system.

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